REVIVAL: Stories of Rewilding Sussex (Full Documentary)

Revival is a documentary by youth council members of the United Nations Association Climate & Oceans. The film explores four rewilding projects throughout Sussex, from clay to seabed. In the midst of a global ecological and climate crisis, is rewilding part of the solution?

Last year marked the start of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021 -2030), and this documentary shows the potential rewilding has to restore local ecosystems.

This documentary demonstrates that the scale of a site does not limit its success: from gardens to hundred-acre projects, now more than ever, we must ensure what precious nature remains can do more than just survive, but start to thrive.

Music by Cosmo Sheldrake

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Sunset by Cosmo Sheldrake

Dawn Chorus by Cosmo Sheldrake

Skylark by Cosmo Sheldrake

Linger Longer by Cosmo Sheldrake