Ben Jenkins - Social Media Manager

As being quite an international child, having grown up in Singapore, I have seen in real time the devastating impacts of climate change right in front of me. Having lived in this part of the world, I know how important our planet and biodiversity is.

I have always valued our planet, and have been joining clubs and being active in this area of work since a young age. At the age of 12, I went on a trip to Beijing, to take part in the Round Square Conference about the environment.

I have done much more than this to do with the climate, so applying to be a part of UNA Climate and Oceans was an obvious thing for me to do. To me, it comes as a second nature to protect what is not valued by as many people as it should be, our climate, and our oceans. I thoroughly enjoy using social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to allow our organization into the global arena. This is so valuable, as it helps us reach new audiences, of all ages and nationalities, and bring them into our community at UNA Climate and Oceans.

I manage all of our social media accounts, and on occasion make posters. I advertise our projects through our social media, to help bring awareness to our cause.

It is so important to me to show other people about the things we are doing. As a team in our youth council, it’s amazing having such an international viewpoint from everybody, it truly enriches our organization.

I would love to continue to work within the UN as a career in the future. I highly enjoy spreading awareness about important topics such as the environment which helps our peers follow our footsteps to a brighter future. Im only 16, and there is so much more for me to do in the future that I am very excited for, in regards to creating a better, greener world.