Poppy Bathurst - Guildford Borough

'I don't think there was much surprise from any of my family or friends when I decided to study Biology at university. Having always enjoyed being outdoors, whether it was a bird watching trip or just exploring the countryside, it always seemed like the natural progression!

After three years of this undergraduate study as well as a Masters in Conservation Ecology, I now find myself in the awkward position that I am sure many conservationists can relate to!

Although the world is in need of conservation scientists - clearly this is great for me personally - the slight drawback there is that it would be nice if we weren't really needed at all! From being the volunteer coordinator in an animal sanctuary in Bolivia, caring for victims of animal trafficking, to surveying primate, bird, bat and reptile species in Mexico to pollinator surveying and habitat creation in Kent, my experiences have been nothing if not broad!

My blog is a lockdown love of mine. Feel free to check it out here

I am incredibly excited to work with the UNA Climate and Oceans and make a difference in Guildford Borough! '