Sussex Dolphin Project

Sussex Dolphin Project is committed to protecting local dolphin species through research, awareness and education to deliver ecosystem-level restoration and rejuvenation.

The project was launched in 2018, as part of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA), the world’s largest marine conservation partnership, which champions the protection of marine habitats through community engagement.

Even though the WCA was based in Brighton, it had no research operation on the ground to protect cetaceans but this changed with the launch of Sussex Dolphin Project to research into the little known populations of the Eastern English Channel.

Today, we aspire to work collaboratively with organisations and individuals who are regular “users” of the Sussex marine environment to create a sightings network, as well as run activities that will encourage ocean conservationist activities in Sussex.

Our research is evidence-based and captured via the Sussex Dolphin Project Citizen science programme with a view to identifying individual dolphins/pods, and to better understand their behaviour, movement, prey species and breeding sites. This data is then used to better protect our marine environment and ultimately safeguard Sussex marine mammals.'

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