The United Nations Association Climate and Oceans has  announced its partnership with the recently launched Our Isles and Oceans offshore sailing project. Our Isles and Oceans launched at the beginning of June 2021 and is an organisation built to create funded training programmes for young people affected by the pandemic and lockdown.

Our Isles and Oceans is also one of the first organisations announced as a Clipper Race Team Partner in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race.

Our Isles and Oceans’ mission statement is ‘Youth Opportunity and Professional Development for Sustainable Livelihoods.’ It intends on, through the vehicle of sport and business, highlighting the importance of a sustainable future for the next generation and has now secured a partnership with the United Nations Association Climate and Oceans as the UN heads into a Decade of research on Ocean Science for sustainable development (2021 - 2030).

Our Isles and Oceans and the UNA Climate and Oceans intend on educating young people on the science behind our oceans and the future of the planet. The organisations will work together to educate their ambassadors and to work with other sustainable associations in the hopes of building a brighter future for the next generation.

The cornerstone of the Our Isles and Oceans project is a partnership with the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Our Isles and Oceans have recently been announced as a Clipper Race Team Partner for the Clipper 2023-24 Race where they will take their message on the importance of the oceans and sustainable livelihoods for young people to the global stage.

Prior to the event, Our Isles and Oceans have, alongside the Clipper Race, developed a series of funded sailing programmes where young people will learn to sail on the West Coast of Scotland. The programme will be delivered over the next three summers with recruitment currently taking place for this July.

Our Isles and Oceans Founder, David Stewart Howitt, explains: “In these challenging times, Our Isles and Oceans seeks to bring together the powerful forces of business and sport to offer an inspiring opportunity for the youth of today. Working alongside the United Nations Association Climate and Oceans gives us a real opportunity to educate young people on the scientific side of our climate and we hope to build a stronger future where creating sustainable livelihoods is at the heart of our society’s focus.”

The Our Isles and Oceans campaign begins with the first series of sailing programmes in July 2021.

Applications are now being accepted through the website at

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