Vanessa Gomez, BSc

Back in Spain, Valencia, my curiosity for nature led me to study Biology at a degree level. Topics like evolution, ecology, oceanography and climate change were an eye-opener that encouraged me to follow a lifestyle where I could contribute to maintaining the planet´s equilibrium.

Since arriving into the UK in 2009, I have been involved in numerous community and environmental projects, such as, mentoring ex -offenders, helping refugees, setting up Worthing´s Repair Café and surveying harvest mice´s populations. I currently work as a sustainability officer in a local recycling company. I continue to study and learn each day to keep up with this fast-changing world we live in.

I am excited to join the UNA Climate & Oceans in order to try and raise awareness to the UNA mission in my area. I envisage promoting good green practices, engaging with local authorities and organising events to get people of all ages involved in achieving the SDGs.