Nile Bunger - Arizona (USA)

Originally, I am from Washington State, USA. Although, after high school, I moved to the state of Arizona. I am an Environmental Science major at the University of Arizona, focusing on atmospheric and ocean sciences. As a child, much of my time was spent outdoors, doing any activity I could just to be close to nature, or animals. In 5th grade, my class went on an overnight field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, in British Columbia, Canada, where we stayed the night sleeping next to the Beluga whale exhibit. Mesmerized by the majestic whales, I knew the spark inside me I felt would be the start to my future career goals.

As an adult, after working with a variety of marine wildlife in aquarium settings, I shifted my experience further towards conservation. I was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa where I spent a little time as a volunteer/intern learning more about conservation work and ocean research assisting. The experience I had working up close with animals such as Black Footed Penguins, Great White Sharks, and others, just solidified the desire I had to refocus my passions on how to preserve our natural environments for our wildlife as well as humankind around the world. In order to do this, we must learn how to coexist and protect our planet.

I am beyond thrilled for the opportunity to join alongside the UNA Climate & Oceans, and together make real differences for our communities and world!